Balla Bros Rentals - There is a tremendous difference in the quality of equipment and service from one rental company to another. Balla Bros Rentals provides the absolute best value, service and quality to you, our client. Our business is made up of three main divisions with customer satisfaction being our goal each and every time.
Royal Flush Trailer units are ideal for any occasion from weddings to your job site all year round. For more information please fill out form down below. If you are looking to make your wedding a memorable one, these units are very popular with all our guests. WIth the decorative spacious interior and ample room for the ladies, these add that little extra class to your wedding or any special event. Chech out some photos in the Gallery. For the Northern Climate job sites these units are heated and have large holding capacity to lower over all costs of pump outs when in the remote areas. Each unit has two separate entrances and can be designated for his/her.
Features of Royal Flush Trailer Unit:
Flushable Toilet with China Bowl in each unit
Two (2) 250 Gal Holding Tanks
100 Gal Fresh H20 Tank
Oak vanity, Sink with Hot/Cold H20
Urinals for Men's side
Diamond Threaded Anti Slip Rubber Flooring
Full Size 32" Insulated Doors
Hydro One Certification
Requires 120V-20 Amp Receptacle (Two in sub zero operations)
Aluminum Grip Strutted Stairs with Hand Rails (construction site)
Aluminum with Diamond Threaded Rubber Stairs (weddings)
Amenities:ABC Fire Extinguisher, Wall Mounted Eye Eash Station,Anti Bacterial Soap Dispenser,Orange Hand Cleaning Dispenser,Purell Hand Sanitizer,Paper Towel Holder, Mirror, Coat Hooks
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